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anguckbefehl. 90 minuten blanker horror. ist mir nicht alles neu, aber die dimensionen sind unfassbar.
ja, amazon muss weg, grosskonzerne müssen weg, korruption muss weg, facebook muss weg, … usw usw usw. vieleicht ist es aber auch schon zu spät.


service announcement for my friends: i was today years old when i learned about, a european search engine that is not google, values privacy etc etc etc.
go check it out if you dont want to feed the google shit machine more data!
also, yeah, not being very active on socials right now. too much stuff to do in the real world!

was für ein horror. scholz will ich nicht, laschet schon garnicht. baerbock würde ich gerne sehen, aber das ist ja scheinbar raus. hilfe.
Ich wünschte nur die grünen würden konsequent auch grüne politik machen und nicht eher ne schwarz-grüne mischung sein

friendica really has that oldschool PHP vibe
@sandrom have you tried the mobile website? It's... certainly an experience 😬 (try posting an image!)
@Frederik "ace`r`us" Bleiwurst try answering to this when you are not already logged in 😂 it’s real quality engineering indeed! 🤣

bye bye Spotify

This month I'll cancel my Spotify account because they keep exploiting artists more and more. About time.

I stumbled upon this yesterday and registered for the alpha - sounds like a very promising idea.

das war super!
Akkus voll auf Anschlag!
Bestes Spa im Norden <3

New network - then what?

Hm. What do you dislike about the coorporate social networks? What do you wish would be different here? We've got the chance to make a difference - but it'll only happen consciously. So - then what now?
(I don't think you need feature parity)
Regarding software vs purpose: groups have a purpose. A timeline has a purpose. I'm not attached to the way Facebook does these things, in fact quite a few aspects there are anti-features to me (as detailed above). But that doesn't mean the idea itself is useless.
Apart from that I think friendica already has too many features in a few areas (why have categories AND tags? Like AND star? Subjects for private messages?) and would remove those in my own approach

I should add, he's my six year old son.
It's perfect :)

ja, super, cdu, weiter so. ihr schafft das noch mit unter 20. da geht noch was.

Let's put social back into network.

Here's what I've been missing on social networks, and how I wish this place to be different:

Being approached with displayed curiosity and open-mindedness, shining through open-ended questions. The ability to disagree in compassionate ways, if temporarily necessary. Encounters with human beings on eye-level. Instead of opinion-despensing 'somethings'.

That others' words and actions are not only influenced by whatever I deem to be highest priority or urgency at this very moment in time. Last not least, that even face-to-face communication is more likely to fail than succeed (how I love these: )

Ultimately: acting from an understanding that life on this rock is a massive multiplayer co-op game. That every word and every action by everyone at every point in time shifts the balance between building a mental bridge or a wall. And that the only time we can actually do something is, has always been and will always be: NOW.

Choose your words wisely, you're more responsible than you think you are. I'd like to invite you to think about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Because imho - the first step to change is awareness. Despite often feeling like 'not enough' or worse: nothing.

Supporting Felix with this Friendica instance and whatever things to come, this is the common ground on which I'd like to connect to you. To me, it's implicitly filed under 'common sense': the understanding that I can not, neither want to, sustainably exist in a vacuum. Personally, I'm also trying to stick to non-violent, non-judgemental communication:

It's already challenging to wrap this up in a way serving this instance as set of whatever you want to call it. I certainly regard calls-to-action and living-by-example more promising than not-to-do-lists.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments?

Otherwise: have this happy bird :)

Dance like nobody is watching (and post a video of it)

Post your dance videos in the comments..
well at the moment the size for uploads is limited to 16mb, i have to switch the assets store from db to filesystem before i can allow more. will do it after the next update.
also, have this video which contains real music: :) <3

stable or development?

humans of the abraum, i have a question for you: the initial few weeks i was running the development branch of friendica with little issues. now that we are gathering a small crowd here, i switched to stable at the current release. this puts us 1-3 months behind current developments. what is your opinion about running dev vs. stable? do you/we want to keep it stable, or do we want to accept stuff possibly breaking from time to time in exchange for pulling latest developments faster? or maybe run a second playground instance?
I'm a BLEEDING EDGE ALL THE WAY kinda guy. Just keep backups of the user db etc in case things go up in flames I guess?
I don't care about downtime but don't make hosting unnötig nervig for yourself.


Moin Felix, könnte hier eventuell beim Design helfen. Find die Idee hier echt Supergut - aber ein Erlebnis ist was anderes. ; )

Man muss ja nicht gleich übertreiben - aber hier und da etwas polishing könnte nicht schaden, denke ich.

Ich komm auch gern mal mit meinen Skates bei Dir rum. Würd Dich eh gern mal besuchen - weil sieht gut aus bei Dir da und auch ewig nicht gesehen.

Lieben Gruß.

ist eigentlich egal. nächste woche mo/di ist der kleine nicht da, das passt gut, sonst die woche drauf ab dienstag nachmittags.

Jetzt haben Tammo und ich auch noch fast den gleichen Opener.



Let's see what this thing does

Do your thing, #demoscene

The Bad News:
With Things Still Not Being Quite Normal, there is no #Evoke this year, as you all may have already heard.
The Good News:
We still can't sit still, so once again we have decided to basically run a social experiment on you, our favorite people.
So here's our question: If everything goes, as long as you (as in: You, our favorite people!) apply enough peer pressure on your friends, and (as always) make some things happen... Will it be wild?
Will you please surprise us? Will you make us laugh?
Will you force us to watch things we usually would never consider for our party?

WIll your contribution to the "In The Mix" Compo break the H0ffman and make us dance?*

We really want to know.

Stay tuned, get creative and go check out the website to see what i'm talking about!

*I'm honestly way too hyped for all your breaks already.

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Nah, the multistreaming was for the "social stream" thing last year (we used twitch api, but made our own front so people could drag and drop their own stream grids configurations).

We're not doing the multistream this year, but let me spoil you the following news: We did decide to stay away from twitch - the CCC is helping!
Awesome. BTW, the CCC is here also (:

(which makes total sense (: )

installed seafile, deleted dropbox account. one corporation less. feels good.
Ah. Danke. Möchte auch unbedingt weg von Dropbox. Empfehlungen für meine Zwecke (die Du ja kennst)?

looks like

there is finally stuff happening here! :D nice!

ah yes

3:30 am, why not light up the whole road? #neighborofdoom


Colleague just recommended this "infographic" urrghhhh it's so bad in so many ways. Why do people like bad things.

it is not. i think the home view sorts this weirdly at first.
@fb you meant to respond to the "why is this a dedicated post"? That one was about the tagging,
yes. if i look at your timeline, there is no seperate post about you tagging the picture after the fact. i have also seen such a post in my own timeline when i post tagged a picture, but people who are not you do not see this. i think it is a bit like the activity list on fb merged into ones personal timeline.
@fb Ah ok. That's... less bad, still weird ^^ (also, why have categories and tags?)
But one can live with that.
??? yes, I did, but .... whyyyy is this a dedicated post?

Meanwhile on Facebook

7 days jail for cynically suggesting an effective protest against "freedom from covid" beverage in a supermarket
haha. die sind echt so kaputt. ich hab vor 2 jahren mal im rahmen einer diskussion über den dieselskandal und e-fahrzeuge bei aeg unter einen "welches e-auto will man denn haben"-post druntergeschrieben, dass ich am ehesten einen zoe oder nen gebrauchten tesla haben wollen würde, weil ich dem ganzen verlogenen, selbstherrlichen deutschen betrügerpack kein geld hinterherwerfen will. dafür hab ich einmal hatespeech von fb kassiert. bitte was?


hello again

greetings from bergen an zee! refueling after uc11, will be back soon!

greetings from bergen aan zee again. a few days left before heading home.

What are you using and how does it work now?
That pic was posted with friendiqa (Android app). Incredibly dodgy experience. Tried DiCa next, which I like best so far across everything (desktop browser, iOS amaroq & b4x). Unfortunately I’m an iphone kinda guy…

Chill art stream!

I'm drawing stuff live on stream right now @, join me if you like?
Done for today! I painted some antlers :)