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people of the, i have updated to the latest stable version, and updated the linux system as well. let me know if stuff does act up!


winter is coming. have some music mixed accordingly 🪗 by mr pries!

Mixes for grey days

Looks like Deadline also concluded the summer season. It's that kind of lovely grey outside again. My Dubtechno season officially started :) In case you need some cozy/deep mixes to work to:

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NOW i know...

Have you considered that the video signal is bad because you keep plugging it in to the mustard port

This post was brought to you by SCART gang

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throwup-friday (yes, a bit late): if you have not watched it, go watch "Auslaufmodell Supermarkt?" from arte in 2021, currently it is available at deutsche welle (link at the end). Or use mediathekview.

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english title of the film is "Mass-Market Retailing: The End of a System?,"

the world should have a lot more people like mario, and a lot less megacorporations:

Today was ... interesting. If you followed me for the past months over on the shitbird site, you might have seen a bunch of angry German words, lots of graphs, and the occassional news paper, radio, or TV snippet with yours truely. Let me explain.

In Austria, inflation is way above the EU average. There's no end in sight. This is especially true for basic needs like energy and food.

Our government stated in May that they'd build a food price database together with the big grocery chains. But..

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The other day I was arguing with a colleague, & I said that I thought 95% of the funds getting thrown at AI would be better spent strengthening infrastructure to handle climate change. He said “AI will fix climate change.”

Now I think 100% of those funds should be redirected.

können wir bitte ein neues internet haben? danke.

service announcement for apple users: update your iphones, ipads and macs NOW. remote vulnerabillity, very serious.

what a surprise... people dont like subscriptions? i wonder how many people it took to invent this idea in the first place...

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service announcement!

because chase roberts first book "computer engineering for babies" (the one with the pushbuttons, and the led, explaing logic gates and latch) is a big hit here at home: the guy is kickstarting the successor with switches and more leds! why dont you go over there and order one or two for yourself? while you are at it, you can add a copt of the original book, this is fantastic stuff to show off your nerdyness on the living room table while not alienating normal people (they love the books as well). here you go:

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this is an important article. it is from the us, but it also applies here in europe and everywhere else. please go read it.

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ist nicht so gemeint. das ist nur kein thema für ein online-forum.

es ist so genial. überall auf der welt erlobbyen(?) sich verlegerverbände sowas wie das kaputte deutsche #Leistungsschutzrecht, und heulen dann rum, wenn plattformen halt keine previews für links mehr anzeigen. meine fresse, was für eine überraschung, in jedem land aufs neue. protip für die politiker unter euch: hört halt mal mehr auf die menschen, die sich mit diesem #neuland internet auskennen, bevor ihr euch scheissgesetze von der contentindustrie diktieren lasst?

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die lösung ist ganz klar die platform zum anzeigen der links zu zwingen, und dann dafür geld zu kassieren geht alles hahaha

some random pictures from a very foggy morning 2 days ago. (photos contain a scenic view with somewhat dense fog over meadows and service roads, with some trees vanishing in the fog).

Tascam M3700 analog 32ch inline console for free

hello fediverse! (again.) If someone wants a Tascam M3700 analog 32ch console, you can pick it up for free in germany near elmshorn/hamburg. photo is not mine, as the unit is in storage. message me if you want to have the console! #studio #mixer #console #analog #tascam

antisocial networks

phew. accounts deleted:

  • personal instagram
  • twitter
  • telegram
  • whatsapp
  • facebook (deactivated for now)

feeling good about it.

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also, reactivated facebook, because i miss too many people over here. will only go there to follow a bit and post the most important stuff, feeding the shit machine as little as possible. sharing stuff here first.

watching “full metal village” with junior and @Ronny Pries while the full metal people start piling up even in the public parking lots around our village 50 kilometers from wacken. i guess they are allowed to arrive from tomorrow morning… :) thought about inviting some of them over to our farm where there is a shower, a toilet and power, but feeling to exhausted for meeting new people right now. maybe next year. :)
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we ended up collecting 5 campervans in elmshorn and barmstedt, giving them a place to camp out until the complete stop of wacken-arrivals was announced, making suer they had power, a fridge, showers and toilets. it was a nice evening in all that chaos, some of them played a bit of bagpipe and cajon for everybody, and we spent an hour in the studio listening to music. tales were told of lots of local people offering help and places to stay. well done, schleswig-holstein, thank you all for being decent humans!

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!Friendica Support Hello helpers. on my friendica instance (2023-05) i see posts from other instances coming in that were written 12-24 hours in the past. what mechanism causes this? my server seems to be doing fine cpu-wise, sometimes db queries take a bit long (i will move files from db to local storage next, i guess that is is the problem with the slow queries), but the queues are not large etc. is that something with my server, or is that just the federation code on the external (mostly mastodon) servers not keeping up with delivery? also, as i understand, my instance sees all public posts from a remote instance once someone on my instance follows a person over there. how is this going to work once meta starts spewing out gigabits of content per second?
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thanks for that clarification as well. i think it was reshared stuff and interactions. i just missunderstood the way this works for public posts. epic support! :)
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@Felix Bohmann when it is reshared or somehow interacted with posts, then is shows up like this with the two times.

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Kleiner Hinweis an die in der Bubble, die neulich hier dazugestoßen sind:
Weil hier kein Algo einem «Bedeutung» und «Reichweite» vorgaukelt, muss man deutlich mehr Menschen folgen, um seine Timeline zu beleben.

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nice, here we go again. fediverse, brace for impact. (yeah, late to the party, i was actually outside with other humans. :)

updates done

hello people local to just a short message: i have updated to the last stable version. everything is running normal. have a nice day!

friendica updated

people of the, i have updated to the latest stable friendica version. apps should work much better now. the previous picture post was made with the mastodon app, seems to be working! let me know if you encounter problems on our instance!

people influx

oh nice. i like all those friend requests of people i really know in the fediverse. welcome friends! :)

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Important reminder! :)

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update incoming

hi people of the abraum. i will update the system to 2022.06 soon, one of the changes should be that more mastodon-compatible apps will work with

i will test a few and get back here with my findings soon!

unsocial media

the level of weird hate on the monolithic socials is insane these days. it feels like a lot of users have completely lost any kind of kindness and empathy. phew.

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page update on post

!Friendica Support do other people also experience that on writing a post and sharing it, the post appears above the other posts, hidden, so you have to manually scroll the page down to see it? that is so confusing. am i doing something wrong, or is that expected behaviour? :)
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it feels like a software error, i had that question from at least 25% of the new users on my instance. they create a post, share it, and it is not to be seen, making them think it did not get posted. is that really by design? or would that be an improvement to be made?
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This isn't by design, it's rather a side-effect of a general behavior. To scroll the post into view we would have to add some exception specific to this case, so it would be an improvement to be made.

freenas/truenas scale linux

service announcement: truenas will release a new version of their storage system based on linux tomorrow. i have set up a new nas for my homelab using their release candidates over the last few weeks, using a hp proliant dl380 with 2 12core-xeons and 128gb ecc ram, it is now packed with hdd and ssd to the brim, and it is working well. being linux based, it now supports virtual machines running on kvm, and docker and whatnot, so it is very flexible once you wrap your head around zfs. i basically built a server that now houses 18 storage drives, has tons of ram, cpu and dual 10/40gbe uplinks at a fraction of the cost of a similarly specced synology system. yay!
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friendica 2021.06 to 2022.02 db structure?

@Friendica Support due to me not being a git person, i updated from 2021.06 straight to 2022.02, do you know if i missed some db restructuring that will haunt me down the line due to that?
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also, i guess at least some people using git to install friendica might fall over the update instructions. maybe they could be appended by the neccessary steps... since i was still on 2021.06, i should have done

git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/2021.09 -b 2021.09-branch
git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/stable 2021.09-branch

and then pull 2021.09 but the 2022.02 post just references "if you are below 2021.09, update to that version first" with a link to the original 2021.09 press release, which just asks the users to pull "stable", which will update to whatever is the latest version (in my case 2022.02). i know i should learn git properly, but i use is so sparsely that stuff like this gets me every time. :)
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Ah, I see what you mean about installing gradually. I'm not sure why we need admins to upgrade to 2021.09 first.
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maybe writing the blog release posts in a way to explicitly switch to the tag they are about could help git beginners not run into this if they come from older versions. good that it worked. :)

arcs of 8

i have been living on this farm between 2 overland hv power lines for almost 8 years, and the sounds emanating from them vary from just electric field hum to outright arching sounds. i have walked below these monsters many many times during the day and during the night, sometimes wondering if the audible arching can be seen with long exposure photography. finally, tonight, when walking the dog it was visible even from 50 meters away. it sounded more rough than usual, and it is beautiful!


good day, fellow people on!

there will be some maintenance work, upgrading the friendica installation, the site might be down for a bit during the process!



falls nochmal jemand nach einer online-bank fragt: ist toll, n26 scheinbar immer noch nicht, siehe

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ja, amazon muss weg, grosskonzerne müssen weg, korruption muss weg, facebook muss weg, … usw usw usw. vieleicht ist es aber auch schon zu spät.