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friendica updated

people of the, i have updated to the latest stable friendica version. apps should work much better now. the previous picture post was made with the mastodon app, seems to be working! let me know if you encounter problems on our instance!
software is weird and stinks.

people influx

oh nice. i like all those friend requests of people i really know in the fediverse. welcome friends! :)

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Important reminder! :)

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update incoming

hi people of the abraum. i will update the system to 2022.06 soon, one of the changes should be that more mastodon-compatible apps will work with

i will test a few and get back here with my findings soon!

unsocial media

the level of weird hate on the monolithic socials is insane these days. it feels like a lot of users have completely lost any kind of kindness and empathy. phew.

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page update on post

!Friendica Support do other people also experience that on writing a post and sharing it, the post appears above the other posts, hidden, so you have to manually scroll the page down to see it? that is so confusing. am i doing something wrong, or is that expected behaviour? :)
it feels like a software error, i had that question from at least 25% of the new users on my instance. they create a post, share it, and it is not to be seen, making them think it did not get posted. is that really by design? or would that be an improvement to be made?
This isn't by design, it's rather a side-effect of a general behavior. To scroll the post into view we would have to add some exception specific to this case, so it would be an improvement to be made.

freenas/truenas scale linux

service announcement: truenas will release a new version of their storage system based on linux tomorrow. i have set up a new nas for my homelab using their release candidates over the last few weeks, using a hp proliant dl380 with 2 12core-xeons and 128gb ecc ram, it is now packed with hdd and ssd to the brim, and it is working well. being linux based, it now supports virtual machines running on kvm, and docker and whatnot, so it is very flexible once you wrap your head around zfs. i basically built a server that now houses 18 storage drives, has tons of ram, cpu and dual 10/40gbe uplinks at a fraction of the cost of a similarly specced synology system. yay!
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friendica 2021.06 to 2022.02 db structure?

@Friendica Support due to me not being a git person, i updated from 2021.06 straight to 2022.02, do you know if i missed some db restructuring that will haunt me down the line due to that?
also, i guess at least some people using git to install friendica might fall over the update instructions. maybe they could be appended by the neccessary steps... since i was still on 2021.06, i should have done

git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/2021.09 -b 2021.09-branch
git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/stable 2021.09-branch

and then pull 2021.09 but the 2022.02 post just references "if you are below 2021.09, update to that version first" with a link to the original 2021.09 press release, which just asks the users to pull "stable", which will update to whatever is the latest version (in my case 2022.02). i know i should learn git properly, but i use is so sparsely that stuff like this gets me every time. :)
Ah, I see what you mean about installing gradually. I'm not sure why we need admins to upgrade to 2021.09 first.
maybe writing the blog release posts in a way to explicitly switch to the tag they are about could help git beginners not run into this if they come from older versions. good that it worked. :)

arcs of 8

i have been living on this farm between 2 overland hv power lines for almost 8 years, and the sounds emanating from them vary from just electric field hum to outright arching sounds. i have walked below these monsters many many times during the day and during the night, sometimes wondering if the audible arching can be seen with long exposure photography. finally, tonight, when walking the dog it was visible even from 50 meters away. it sounded more rough than usual, and it is beautiful!

ouch. maybe go back to smoke signals. (warning: very nerdy stuff)


good day, fellow people on!

there will be some maintenance work, upgrading the friendica installation, the site might be down for a bit during the process!



falls nochmal jemand nach einer online-bank fragt: ist toll, n26 scheinbar immer noch nicht, siehe

ja, amazon muss weg, grosskonzerne müssen weg, korruption muss weg, facebook muss weg, … usw usw usw. vieleicht ist es aber auch schon zu spät.


service announcement for my friends: i was today years old when i learned about, a european search engine that is not google, values privacy etc etc etc.
go check it out if you dont want to feed the google shit machine more data!
also, yeah, not being very active on socials right now. too much stuff to do in the real world!

was für ein horror. scholz will ich nicht, laschet schon garnicht. baerbock würde ich gerne sehen, aber das ist ja scheinbar raus. hilfe.
Ich wünschte nur die grünen würden konsequent auch grüne politik machen und nicht eher ne schwarz-grüne mischung sein

ja, super, cdu, weiter so. ihr schafft das noch mit unter 20. da geht noch was.

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login persistency(?)

hello !Friendica Support, i am wondering why i have to log in to friendica each and every time i open a browser. is this by design, and/or are there options to change that behaviour? (i can not find anything related to that)

true. i store my 2fa stuff in a password manager, so there is a layer of security in the form of a long password infront of my 2fa tokens. but that makes it so unpleasant to type the 2fa tokens in more than necessary. i guess there is no right and wrong options here.
Yes, it's all about tradeoffs between convenience and security. 2FA mostly prevents remote logins with stolen credentials, but your mobile device security is another matter entirely.

installed seafile, deleted dropbox account. one corporation less. feels good.
Ah. Danke. Möchte auch unbedingt weg von Dropbox. Empfehlungen für meine Zwecke (die Du ja kennst)?

32ch analog mixing console giveaway

hello people of the fediverse! if you are looking for a 32ch analog inline mixing desk, i have 2 of those that i am ready to give away. one tascam m3500 and one tascam m3700 (the same board, just with a small vca automation computer). location is near elmshorn/hamburg, and you have to come with a big car (station wagon / kombi) to pick one up, as they are quite big. this can be reshared to people around hamburg! # # # # #
the m3500 is gone for a good cause. m3700 still up for grabs.
m3700 is reserved now.

stable or development?

humans of the abraum, i have a question for you: the initial few weeks i was running the development branch of friendica with little issues. now that we are gathering a small crowd here, i switched to stable at the current release. this puts us 1-3 months behind current developments. what is your opinion about running dev vs. stable? do you/we want to keep it stable, or do we want to accept stuff possibly breaking from time to time in exchange for pulling latest developments faster? or maybe run a second playground instance?
I'm a BLEEDING EDGE ALL THE WAY kinda guy. Just keep backups of the user db etc in case things go up in flames I guess?
I don't care about downtime but don't make hosting unnötig nervig for yourself.

toxic waste

woke up very early, spent some time preparing reentry to germany (digitale einreiseanmeldung, smooth process, well done rki). also created a new facebook account 2 days ago to let more people around me know about the fediverse. instant feeling: urgh. the level of toxicity(?) in/under almost all content they show me over there is just astounding. i have not missed that at all during the last few months. bleeeeerrrgh. that monster needs to be taken down.

mobile clients

people on our instance, you can use a number of mobile clients for ios (amaroq or b4x) or android (see faq at to make mobile use more streamlined!
@Felix Bohmann für iPad (oder eventuell Tablets allgemein, so es Android-Versionen gibt) find ich (natürlich nur ultrakurz geprüft ;) ) Oyakodon und/oder Tootle gut.
Weil: Landscape-Modus
EDIT: Ok, Tootle vielleicht doch nicht, denn damit konnte ich diesen Kommentar nicht absenden :)
es geht auf jeden fall vorran.

building a party

i like how with every single one of my friends taking a look at our little place on the fediverse it feels a little bit less empty. i know it is not exactly empty, but getting friends over feels so good. good night good people of the abraum.
(motivational semisubmerged goal for morale improvement attached)

greetings from bergen aan zee again. a few days left before heading home.


hello again

greetings from bergen an zee! refueling after uc11, will be back soon!

packing for # has begun. looking forward to a week of outdoor (tech-)fun with normal people. ;) #

nichts zu sehen

what has happened these days: sold 2 vw t3 busses, workspace cleanup almost done. almost no time spent in the studio, beginning preparations for a 7 day semi-outdoor demoparty. feels good. also feeling tired.

Das dritte Auge weit offen.

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mastodon clients with 2021.06-rc

!Friendica Admins

moin *!

i am experimenting with a friendica instance, right now i am testing the mastodon api with various ios clients, but i cant get past the login. there seems to be issues related to oauth, or authentication in general. i get logs like these:

when trying to accept the useage agreement on mercuro for mastodon after what seems to be a successful login and app connect:

2021-06-16T17:14:16Z index [NOTICE]: Unhandled request field {"parameter":"scope","value":["read","write","follow","push"],"command":"oauth\/token"} - {"file":"BaseApi.php","line":155,"function":"getRequest","uid":"a984fe","process_id":451063}

or with metatext, login is ok, app is connected, but then i get http 401 with this:

[Wed Jun 16 17:21:40.117648 2021] [php7:notice] [pid 450931] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /var/www/html/friendica/src/Security/BasicAuth.php on line 128

is that something that is just not working/tested yet, or is that some configuration error on my side?
thanks for the reply, will keep an eye on it. i will also look into my php config.
amaroq and b4x started working after pulling the merged #. yay.

mobile clients for ios

hello world! i went through the docs of friendica, and it seems i have to update the server a bit in the near future, as there is a release candidate for the beta we are currently running. good thing: since this version, it features a mastodon-style api, so mastodon ios clients should be useable with this instance soon! i will let you know once i have tested this!

it has begun (for me)

oh nice! the first real contact to an outside instance. hello @David ‘Bombe’ Roden

friends, lets get more people to freedom! :)
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facebook aftermath

so, a few days ago i decided i could actually reopen my facebook account for a few days to pester my friends with new social locations like this here. turns out i missed the 30 day deadline by a few days, so my facebook account is gone for good now. the first few minutes i did not really know what to think of that, but this weird feeling turned into a slightly less weird kind of relief quite quickly. it is gone, all the data should be gone (or going soon) and that huge backlog only exists as a html archive here at home. feeling good. now: good night.

federation test

can remote friends read this?
this feels a lot better than mastodon. but the testpicture felix is my mastodon test account on, and the federation works nicely.