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🎶 everything mounts in large accounts 🎵

ich habe gerade erfahren, dass "MTB" die abkürzung für "mountainbike" ist, und frage mich seitdem mal wieder, wofür das T steht (ähnlich wie beim RTW schon mal - da war es eingefügt, weil "RW" schon vergeben war.)

wenn es das t in "mountain" sein soll, dann müsste es doch eigentlich "MtB" geschrieben werden, oder?

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Gibt es denn eine allgemein gültige Regel dafür, welche Bestandteile von Abkürzungen großgeschrieben werden und welche klein? Wie würde diese Regel lauten oder anders gefragt, wie kommst du zu der Annahme, dass es dann MtB geschrieben werden müsste?
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@texttheater ich würde das t klein schreiben, weil es zu einer unbetonten Silbe gehört
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Keine Ahnung, mein Instinkt sagt eigentlich "nur Anfangsbuchstaben von Wörtern groß" (weswegen ja auch RTW so aufstieß), so wie beim BVerfG ... da wäre das Äquivalent zu MTB dann vielleicht BVFG?
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Ja, wobei mir in der Rechtssprache eh andere Regeln als anderswo gängig zu sein scheinen. MtB ginge da m.E. schon deswegen nicht, weil t im unabgekürzten Wort nicht auf das M folgt.
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Mt. Ainbike, das ist der Berg auf dem die ersten Downhill-Rennen veranstaltet wurden

nie, nie wieder hermes
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das tut mir leid. Ich hatte mal einen Twitteraccount mit Fotos von Hermes-Paketshops, da sind mir manchmal Beschwerden in die DMs geslidet.

"shudder" is just a shorter way to say "calm your tits"

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don't like these always-attached bottle caps. when i pour, the cap slides down and the liquid starts to pour into the cap instead of where i am aiming; when i drink, the cap gets me in the chin or in the nose. and as a final fuck you, it takes a lot longer to find the right position to screw it back on than one that you had in your hand in the correct orientation while you were drinking or pouring

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the ones i was fighting with when I wrote the post were these:

with this type, most commonly, one or both of the connections will break the first time you tilt the cap into its "open" position.

and even if they don't break, they'll be flimsy enough and deformed enough that the ring slides around

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nobody's already selling this sort of thing, are they? a little laser in a bubble on a gyroscope swivel that you'd clip on the outside of your bike handle, and it would draw a bright line on the ground at an adjustable distance from the outside of the handle (like 150cm, for german cities) to remind would-be overtakers of the necessary distance. with a bit of logic in it to adjust for handle movement, angles etc. to make sure the distance stays the same.

i'd probably buy a thing like that, but i couldn't build it.

i found a 2012 article on a rear light that would project a too-close line in either direction - but it does not appear to have gone anywhere? you can find it secondhand, but the company seems to have gone under, and it appears to have been too gimmicky and too narrow in any event.

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'laser bike lanes' are still around: and for example

but the lasers in general just aren't bright enough and even at night they're kinda hard to see.

a friend of the family just has a full-size "BIKES MAY USE ENTIRE LANE" actual road sign bolted to the back of her bike. seems to work.

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Note: This light is not being distributed within the German market.


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cw: a funny butt

Content warning: nsfw

baby are you classic video game company taito, cause you make me argh! annoyed
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resilienter fußfetischist, der immer wieder auf die beine kommt

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so this serial ponzi-like thing where people build hype but tank a company, create a new one and hype that to pay off the previous failure's refunds, debts, etc., then tank it, move on to the next, ... does that have a name that actually gets to the predatory nature of the pattern and doesn't glorify it as entrepreneurship?

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I've been wondering this too. I hear 'pump & dump' and 'leveraged buyout' a lot, but those feel... incomplete and imperfect in these situations.
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i suppose the leveraged buyout is kindof the opposite side of the tech startup thing where they build a company fast on loads of debt, hoping to be bought out and liquidated.
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i just had the stupidest idea for impractical footwear, and i'm wondering if anything like that already exists:

the floatshoe

basically, a ring for your calf to sit in, possibly with a sort of funnel or straps to more evenly spread the weight, mounted on struts that connect to a "sole", so that your feet hang in the air freely as you walk

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I feel like that would probably break the legs. But uh ... that shouldn't keep high fashion from at least trying.
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chell wears an early version of this in portal

(dt.) Jachthafen = (engl.) DisplayPort

hochqualitative berichterstattung bei der funke mediengruppe


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sorry, funke medien gruppe - zeit fürs deppenleerzeichen muss sein

trying to keep track of my emerging pet peeves:

- the "you ask" pattern

i've noticed a huge increase in this over the past few years; people in tv shows, on youtube, sometimes in movies, will pronounce questions as if they were going to add "..., you ask?" to them. i hate it

- the "name in commas" pattern

this is becoming an absolute epidemic in social media; here are a few examples:

"Occultist, Aleister Crowley, was an accomplished mountain climber."
"Rheinmetall CEO, Armin Papperger, reports that the company will not only deliver ..."
"Iran sentences renowned director, Mohammad Rasoulof, to 8 years in prison and flogging"

the thing that's perhaps noteworthy about both of these is the vehemence with which they will be defended as supposedly correct. my fear, of course, is that they actually are.

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I wonder what the "you ask" pattern is, exactly. Pitch rising higher at the end than normal question intonation?
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yeah, basically.

rhetorical questions in particular fall victim to it a lot of the time.

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Interesting, I'd never noticed the "name in commas" pattern. Using the terminology of Schneider and Zeldes (2021), I would describe it as name descriptors (more specifically: embellishments) treated incorrectly as appositives in orthography.

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Das Kasperlenspiel

every time someone posts a link to an article on yahoo, this is the full extent of the preview:

Not even mentioning the two errors in just five words of headline, there's no actual preview of the content of the article...

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Do you consider yourself to be a Yahooist?

when people using the false plural "octopi", do they also do it for other words ending in -us for which -i is not the correct plural form?

i propose to name this field of study "autobi"-ography

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i think the scientists have mostly given up on "octopi" (mostly because "octopodes" is also fake and "octopuses" sounds bad), but there are still folks fighting the good fight against "virii"

why do so many people write "isaac" as "issac"? it's like an epidemic, probably more common as a misspelling than "micheal" at this point. i wonder what the reason behind that is...
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@VoiceofDuum hahaha! So true! It happens to me so often. I have no idea why, to be honest. Next time someone spells my name that way, I'll ask them 😋

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making salsa, one of the few pleasurable jarring experiences

slightly ticked off again that discord cannot search in threads

please, i beg of you all... no more cat puns with "purr" or "meow"
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it's really not nice to do the thing in response to a sincere plea to stop
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apologies, I honestly thought the "fursona" angle was sufficiently original as opposed to "purrsonally" :f
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with an example that does the exact thing, though.
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@oxytocinated this seems to be yet another case of our communication styles matching very poorly
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please don't clash on my account! charly, thanks for being protective of me, and anatol, thanks for not doubling down! i hope we can all be fine with this, i am!

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(engl.) shoegaze = (dt.) Bodensee

by age 46 you should have a sizable collection of grammar pet peeves (about 50% of which are indicators of aging out of language as it is in common use, even if that common use is stupid as fuck)
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is this the thread where I list them out or do I just continue silently judging people

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you can measure how owned someone is with a their-mom-meter

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i've seen that screenshot from the fox news show about libraries* roll through my feed a few times now, and i keep wondering what they thought the comma was for in "drug-infested, sex dens"

*not reproducing it again because meh

i'm guessing the british government could improve their perceived trustworthiness by a measurable amount if they stopped calling everything they do a "scheme"

it just sounds so sinister and implies ulterior motives!

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They're doing some lampshading outside my place
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would the real lamp shady please stand up

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it's monday, and I just posted my weekly overview on patreon and ko-fi. time to finally do some #self_promotion again! follow these links please and be part of the avalanche of moneys that will surely happen soon.

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I recently uploaded two new tracks to my soundcloud, and I've had multiple spammers/scammers reach out to declare their undying love for the tracks and offer their services listing it on all the marketplaces, etc. It really does feel like there's a normalized base level of this sort of thing almost everywhere on the web, like parasites, bacteria and viruses in the environment, just a constant pressure of hopeful little bloodsuckers. Every place needs some sort of immune system against these omnipresent threats (and usually, this is not something the platform does, so in effect they force their users into a defensive posture by default.) It's pretty dire, in my opinion.

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I made music for a thing:

Best enjoyed at 1080p with a nice-ish GPU!