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What if there was an internet browser based on rendering Markdown? Sans HTML, CSS, JS and whatnot? Without all the bloat that makes publishing complicated? With meta-data driven by Frontmatter? With great typography standards?

Focused on written content? And that's about it?
in reply to Ronny Pries

It would certainly be small and fast, and save loads of bandwidth to boot. Where do I sign up?
in reply to Ronny Pries

I hate to say it, but wasn't Gopher almost exactly that?
in reply to Ronny Pries

That's unfortunately right - most browsers removed support for the Gopher protocol in the last ten years or so :(

However, there seem to be extensions that re-enable it (usually by routing requests through some Gopher-to-HTTP proxy because of technical limitations of the extension APIs). No idea if they're any good. And even if they work - keep in mind that Gopher is basically a ghost town by now :)