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Colleague just recommended this "infographic" urrghhhh it's so bad in so many ways. Why do people like bad things.

also, hm, how does one add image descriptions here...
it is not. i think the home view sorts this weirdly at first.
@fb you meant to respond to the "why is this a dedicated post"? That one was about the tagging,
yes. if i look at your timeline, there is no seperate post about you tagging the picture after the fact. i have also seen such a post in my own timeline when i post tagged a picture, but people who are not you do not see this. i think it is a bit like the activity list on fb merged into ones personal timeline.
@fb Ah ok. That's... less bad, still weird ^^ (also, why have categories and tags?)
But one can live with that.
??? yes, I did, but .... whyyyy is this a dedicated post?