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"Stasi in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Die DDR-Geheimpolizei in den Bezirken Neubrandenburg, Rostock und
Schwerin" ... keine leichte Kost...

"Process of Localizing the Spyware Injection" visualized... (re. & / Schnueffelstueck soll Sandvine Packetlogic sein: PacketLogic/V enables flexible deployments of Sandvine's PacketLogic solutions using high performance COTS hardware environments and software virtual machine environments. This compact 4RU platform provides 600 Gbps throughput on 24 x 10 GbE or 3 x 100 GbE channels.

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Today was ... interesting. If you followed me for the past months over on the shitbird site, you might have seen a bunch of angry German words, lots of graphs, and the occassional news paper, radio, or TV snippet with yours truely. Let me explain.

In Austria, inflation is way above the EU average. There's no end in sight. This is especially true for basic needs like energy and food.

Our government stated in May that they'd build a food price database together with the big grocery chains. But..