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New network - then what?

Hm. What do you dislike about the coorporate social networks? What do you wish would be different here? We've got the chance to make a difference - but it'll only happen consciously. So - then what now?
The selection algo is pretty strange there.. I believe it just needs one word (or two) to limit your range to only one or two people seeing your posts.. Also sometimes it seems that conflict is enforced by the algorithm chosing stuff you dislike and putting that in front of you for several weeks, and almost only that stuff. But that is all the algorithm has nothing to do with fixable stuff. What I like about that corporate stuff is that there are tons of people with hugely different backround (I got some hula dancers in my stream).. Maybe that is hard to "emulate" here. For myself this preselecting algo is the worst... I see other people getting no or just 1 like per post, and I think it's because of their previous opinions about topics (algorithmwise).. And what's also strange is this addiction to these entities.. It's almost a reflex for me to type in the url.. But that of course is "human error" an my personal "addiction" problem :D..
Accounts and groups getting banned on puritan grounds, at the same time fascists, antivaxers etc often get a pass for the clickzzzz. Also ads and tracking.
my main problem is tracking, twisted ideas of freedom of speach, constant unsolicited suggestions of shit content and advertising and advertising and advertising and advertising. also, check out this smartwatch that is taking germany by storm while at the same time finding hot single moms in barmstedt!
What would you like to see here instead? And what can you contribute to make it happen? Really missing that part :)
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Here's what I'm missing:

Being approached with displayed curiosity and open-mindedness, shining through open-ended questions. The ability to disagree in compassionate ways, if temporarily necessary.

That others' words and actions are not only influenced by whatever I deem to be highest priority or urgency at this very moment in time. Last not least, that even face-to-face communication is more likely to fail than succeed (how I love these: )

Ultimately: acting from an understanding that life on this rock is a massive multiplayer co-op game. That every word and every action by everyone at every point in time shifts the balance between building a mental bridge or a wall. And that the only time we can actually do something is, has always been and will always be: NOW.

Choose your words wisely, you're more responsible than you think you are. I'd like to invite you to think about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Because imho - the first step to change is awareness. Despite often feeling like "nothing".
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I forgot a big one: the total demolition of organic reach. If you want any kind of visibility on Facebook, you have to pay up. Which obviously fucking sucks for any non commercial group 👎👎👎
What about this one for you:

"What do you wish would be different here?" :)
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A timeline showing all updates, not curated by some algorithm. I think this is already how friendica/the fediverse works - with the addition of "local" vs "following" streams, and the subtraction of groups. So yeah I think I'd like to see groups. And lots of UX fixes 😅 I'll probably play around with Hubzilla once I'm back from holiday
Sounds to me like you are using social networks because you like the software, not the purpose it serves :)
To get more people off a platform you need the alternative to have decent usability (and features); frankly friendica really doesn't cut it for many reasons. I am willing to put up with a lot (as evidenced by me being here!), but others won't be and I also would prefer less papercuts. I'll probably end up writing my own software anyway 🙄
(I don't think you need feature parity)
Regarding software vs purpose: groups have a purpose. A timeline has a purpose. I'm not attached to the way Facebook does these things, in fact quite a few aspects there are anti-features to me (as detailed above). But that doesn't mean the idea itself is useless.
Apart from that I think friendica already has too many features in a few areas (why have categories AND tags? Like AND star? Subjects for private messages?) and would remove those in my own approach