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FYI: I'm having the honor of test driving a shiny new abraum mastodon instance. Don't be shocked if you see double!

I'll keep this profile, but since I genuinely enjoy the Mastodon UI more than what friendica offers, I will mainly be on there, so find me there if you havent already :)

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i wanna smoke what that ATM is smoking

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Mixes for grey days

Looks like Deadline also concluded the summer season. It's that kind of lovely grey outside again. My Dubtechno season officially started :) In case you need some cozy/deep mixes to work to:

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Spending more and more time here (with own and party accounts) than on the Allmighty Algorithm websites. It's nice to see actual content from people – I missed this!

(📸 Thanks to justmona for capturing me having a good time at Deadline.)

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i will bring up mastodon at for testing this week. lets see how that goes. :)

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The #deadline2023 Post Party Page is live!

Check it out for photos, links to VODs, the 2024 date reveal and more!

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@sagamusix Booked!

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Sneak Peek: #deadline2023 Photo Impressions by @darya (that's me!)

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It felt good to be creative again! And even better to do so with two of my favorite people! @Tammo H. & @Ronny Pries )

Please enjoy BTVTL and come to Deadline if you enjoy a great atmosphere, talking to brilliant people and all things #demoscene. You won't regret it

This demo was made with love, chill vibes, support from wonderful friends and

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New 'voke, who dis?
Not only did our socials get a lovely design face lift, our Website is also finally live!

Head over to and register to let us know that you'll be with us this summer!

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Only 9 (aka NEIN) Days to go 'till Zenta - The Post-Christmas Party you (the #demoscene ) actually really need in your lives right now!

We've got some news for you: The compo rules are now fully online and we also have added information about the great live events we are going to have. Check out our shiny and new timetable!

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Recovered this from one of my deleted tweets: Area5150 @ Evoke ‘22


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@Truck ok then, thought I saw someone say it was a new feature or something. I’ll leave it be and remember that #DemoSunday is a thing

Also: We're making something happen, and we really hope to see you there!
Do check out the fantastic location. It will look so great with all you nerds in it <3

Like the idea of actively using my friendica account, really hate investing actual research time into figuring out how to make this experience feel like 2022 UX should feel like.

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Hello world, again.
It's been a few busy, exciting, exhausting, depressing and very emotional months - and though the ride never fully stopped to let us smell the flowers, we're still here. Breathing.

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Do your thing, #demoscene

The Bad News:
With Things Still Not Being Quite Normal, there is no #Evoke this year, as you all may have already heard.
The Good News:
We still can't sit still, so once again we have decided to basically run a social experiment on you, our favorite people.
So here's our question: If everything goes, as long as you (as in: You, our favorite people!) apply enough peer pressure on your friends, and (as always) make some things happen... Will it be wild?
Will you please surprise us? Will you make us laugh?
Will you force us to watch things we usually would never consider for our party?

WIll your contribution to the "In The Mix" Compo break the H0ffman and make us dance?*

We really want to know.

Stay tuned, get creative and go check out the website to see what i'm talking about!

*I'm honestly way too hyped for all your breaks already.

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Nah, the multistreaming was for the "social stream" thing last year (we used twitch api, but made our own front so people could drag and drop their own stream grids configurations).

We're not doing the multistream this year, but let me spoil you the following news: We did decide to stay away from twitch - the CCC is helping!
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Awesome. BTW, the CCC is here also (:

(which makes total sense (: )