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stable or development?

humans of the abraum, i have a question for you: the initial few weeks i was running the development branch of friendica with little issues. now that we are gathering a small crowd here, i switched to stable at the current release. this puts us 1-3 months behind current developments. what is your opinion about running dev vs. stable? do you/we want to keep it stable, or do we want to accept stuff possibly breaking from time to time in exchange for pulling latest developments faster? or maybe run a second playground instance?
I'd say, depends on how much the intermediate updates really change the game in terms of features. What's new really?
it is a moving target at the moment. support for (mastodon)mobile clients arrived just a month ago.
also, of the 128 systems our node knows about right now, the distribution is roughly like this:
2021.01 (25)
2021.04 (19)
2021.06-dev (3)
2021.07 (51)
2021.09-dev (18)
I'm a BLEEDING EDGE ALL THE WAY kinda guy. Just keep backups of the user db etc in case things go up in flames I guess?
I don't care about downtime but don't make hosting unnötig nervig for yourself.