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arcs of 8

i have been living on this farm between 2 overland hv power lines for almost 8 years, and the sounds emanating from them vary from just electric field hum to outright arching sounds. i have walked below these monsters many many times during the day and during the night, sometimes wondering if the audible arching can be seen with long exposure photography. finally, tonight, when walking the dog it was visible even from 50 meters away. it sounded more rough than usual, and it is beautiful!

building a party

i like how with every single one of my friends taking a look at our little place on the fediverse it feels a little bit less empty. i know it is not exactly empty, but getting friends over feels so good. good night good people of the abraum.

greetings from bergen aan zee again. a few days left before heading home.

hello again

greetings from bergen an zee! refueling after uc11, will be back soon!

packing for # has begun. looking forward to a week of outdoor (tech-)fun with normal people. ;) #

sometimes you just have to fake-meditate on a dangling speaker for the camera. :) # # #