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Buzz2k1: The 'reviving old Buzztracker projects'-project

Enough itching about being unable to revisit eg my early rktic releases, a lot of Demoscene soundtracks (including stuff like Ferner and debris). Having extensively used VST plugins, and pestering devs to fix bugs, I potentially caused this mess of a VST adapter landscape.

Because they all try to index the same location for VST plugins, over time, Buzz inevitably crashed.

Testing a quick'n'dirty dll resource hack, I changed the folders for each loader. Seems to do the trick: Buzz is much less likely to crash in an instant. I tried this with about 50 projects so far, and it works (given the old plugins are there...).

Hope this is useful for anyone else, too!

Now, how does one extract the included Jeskola Mixer and aux return from 'old Buzz' into separate .dll's?

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