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Mixes for grey days

Looks like Deadline also concluded the summer season. It's that kind of lovely grey outside again. My Dubtechno season officially started :) In case you need some cozy/deep mixes to work to:

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I held a strange seminar about DJing last year...

...and how it's finally available on YouTube. What took me so long?

I gave it for 50 people I knew in the realm of a Demoparty. I'm offering an unfamilar perspective to the topic. I've certainly been opinionated at times.

Honestly, I shied away from publishing for several reasons:
  • [
]The sound quality is subpar[]The audience knew me and my DJ sets[]I wish I went deeper into certain topics, deliver more context and so on[]I called those who benefit from selling products to people to help them cheat time selfish idiots.Which is a polarizing thing to say. And it's not how I wish to appear. At the same time, I stand what I said there.Still receiving positive feedback for having shifted some of the attendees' perspectives, made me want to publish it anyway. So, here it is:

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First mix of the year - and it's a very different one.

Recorded a set of fave songs from the Beach Boys to Timber Timbre for the Breakfast of Champions podcast. Enjoy :)