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Mixes for grey days

Looks like Deadline also concluded the summer season. It's that kind of lovely grey outside again. My Dubtechno season officially started :) In case you need some cozy/deep mixes to work to:

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Still - Katsumaki

Pixtur and I made a thing for the Deadline PC Demo compo:

What is identity, what's soul, what does it mean to be human?

A fantasticly thoughtful inquiry, and essay about the game "Soma". Strongly recommended watch! For the sensitive beings: Soma touches topics like body horror, fear of the deep and things like that.

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or why i am dealing with cmake again, at least cmake just says you're wrong, it doesn't draw a humiliating visual to show you how wrong

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Questions about art

I watched this yesterday, and it make me wonder

What will be left of the value of art, if everything claims to be art?
What should make anyone keep pursuing such creative pursuits, if the pursuit in itself is rendered useless?
Why go to great lengths developing something like a personal, creative style, if there's no reason to do so?
Which body of work will society refer to as 'great art from the 2010s and 2020s'?
Which body of work will stand out so much that people in a century will want to immitate it

We released a thing at Evoke

Buzz2k1: The 'reviving old Buzztracker projects'-project

Enough itching about being unable to revisit eg my early rktic releases, a lot of Demoscene soundtracks (including stuff like Ferner and debris). Having extensively used VST plugins, and pestering devs to fix bugs, I potentially caused this mess of a VST adapter landscape.

Because they all try to index the same location for VST plugins, over time, Buzz inevitably crashed.

Testing a quick'n'dirty dll resource hack, I changed the folders for each loader. Seems to do the trick: Buzz is much less likely to crash in an instant. I tried this with about 50 projects so far, and it works (given the old plugins are there...).

Hope this is useful for anyone else, too!

Now, how does one extract the included Jeskola Mixer and aux return from 'old Buzz' into separate .dll's?

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We made a thing, and it's kinda flashy.

And of course, it looks much better in realtime:

Fun facts:
- I iterated through 21 edits and versions of the track until final
- the communication between unclex and me resulted in the longest chatlog i ever had making a demo, and it was cool

May your eyes hurt less than his.

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Resonate in peace, Manuel Göttsching

And thank you for vastly expanding the definition of electronic music.

What if there was an internet browser based on rendering Markdown? Sans HTML, CSS, JS and whatnot? Without all the bloat that makes publishing complicated? With meta-data driven by Frontmatter? With great typography standards?

Focused on written content? And that's about it?
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That's unfortunately right - most browsers removed support for the Gopher protocol in the last ten years or so :(

However, there seem to be extensions that re-enable it (usually by routing requests through some Gopher-to-HTTP proxy because of technical limitations of the extension APIs). No idea if they're any good. And even if they work - keep in mind that Gopher is basically a ghost town by now :)

GO/HUGO developers:

Please recommend me your fave learning resources for Dummies :)

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Cheers Elon for boosting the fediverse :)

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Would love to produce a game OST/sound design again

More specifically: a scifi-ish Shmup. Think Einhaender, Philosoma, Chaos Field, R-Type. Maybe for any game that screams for an Arcade-ish Techno soundtrack and sound design.

Platform doesn't really matter, as long as halfway decent sample playback is possible.

If you know someone who knows someone, hit me up!


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Finally: AI put to good use

An infinite conversation between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Zizek

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Important reminder! :)

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I held a strange seminar about DJing last year...

...and how it's finally available on YouTube. What took me so long?

I gave it for 50 people I knew in the realm of a Demoparty. I'm offering an unfamilar perspective to the topic. I've certainly been opinionated at times.

Honestly, I shied away from publishing for several reasons:
  • [
]The sound quality is subpar[]The audience knew me and my DJ sets[]I wish I went deeper into certain topics, deliver more context and so on[]I called those who benefit from selling products to people to help them cheat time selfish idiots.Which is a polarizing thing to say. And it's not how I wish to appear. At the same time, I stand what I said there.Still receiving positive feedback for having shifted some of the attendees' perspectives, made me want to publish it anyway. So, here it is:

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It's been giving me some valuable results during the last days. Noticeably less than Google, but also way less seo-splaining bollocks. Recommended!

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First mix of the year - and it's a very different one.

Recorded a set of fave songs from the Beach Boys to Timber Timbre for the Breakfast of Champions podcast. Enjoy :)

Happy belated St. Nichols' Day - have this mix as my appreciation 🙂 It's supposed to be good for jogging. But I guess also for loosing your mind/raving in your armchair/banging your head against the wall (please don't):


I stumbled upon this yesterday and registered for the alpha - sounds like a very promising idea.

Let's put social back into network.

Here's what I've been missing on social networks, and how I wish this place to be different:

Being approached with displayed curiosity and open-mindedness, shining through open-ended questions. The ability to disagree in compassionate ways, if temporarily necessary. Encounters with human beings on eye-level. Instead of opinion-despensing 'somethings'.

That others' words and actions are not only influenced by whatever I deem to be highest priority or urgency at this very moment in time. Last not least, that even face-to-face communication is more likely to fail than succeed (how I love these: )

Ultimately: acting from an understanding that life on this rock is a massive multiplayer co-op game. That every word and every action by everyone at every point in time shifts the balance between building a mental bridge or a wall. And that the only time we can actually do something is, has always been and will always be: NOW.

Choose your words wisely, you're more responsible than you think you are. I'd like to invite you to think about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Because imho - the first step to change is awareness. Despite often feeling like 'not enough' or worse: nothing.

Supporting Felix with this Friendica instance and whatever things to come, this is the common ground on which I'd like to connect to you. To me, it's implicitly filed under 'common sense': the understanding that I can not, neither want to, sustainably exist in a vacuum. Personally, I'm also trying to stick to non-violent, non-judgemental communication:

It's already challenging to wrap this up in a way serving this instance as set of whatever you want to call it. I certainly regard calls-to-action and living-by-example more promising than not-to-do-lists.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments?

Otherwise: have this happy bird :)

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New network - then what?

Hm. What do you dislike about the coorporate social networks? What do you wish would be different here? We've got the chance to make a difference - but it'll only happen consciously. So - then what now?
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Regarding software vs purpose: groups have a purpose. A timeline has a purpose. I'm not attached to the way Facebook does these things, in fact quite a few aspects there are anti-features to me (as detailed above). But that doesn't mean the idea itself is useless.
Apart from that I think friendica already has too many features in a few areas (why have categories AND tags? Like AND star? Subjects for private messages?) and would remove those in my own approach

Hello. What does it feel like to be you - right now?

If you asked me "How are you?", I'd probably reply fine or alright. Yet, neither fine nor alright are feelings. By using them, I guess I often said more about the person asking and/or the context we were in, than how I was actually doing.

Like: I don't know you enough, or I don't trust you to reply appropriately or maybe just I don't want talk about it at this time or in this place.

So - what does it feel to be me right now?

Confident about sticking to my intent of making things differently in the second half of my life. Because this is probably the polar opposite of my usual first post on a social network. Because I'm confident about answering the question honestly. With awareness for the bittersweet contradicting notion of both grief for the past and hope for the future. As well as being aware that any moment, my brain can start creating different stories about whatever I feel. But that I can manage.

Hello then: What does it feel like to be you - right now? :)
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So - what does it feel to be me right now?

On the one hand I'm quite enjoying this new social network over here and reflecting upon its pros and cons. The interaction model intrigues me - its privacy is somewhat between a public twitter and a personal facebook page, with lots of customization options. Excited about the future! Down with Facebook!

On the other hand, a lot of dread and anxiety about the state of the world in general. Climate breakdown, general destabilization, fascism on the rise - all things that need a lot of willpower to block out. And at the same time, having the privilege to even block it out - for many, that's not an option.

Working on a lot of personal art projects (flashy lights + animations synchronized with a DJ software or DAW) is a continuous source of joy since last October.

Partner + me making ourselves at home in the space we're inhabiting for half a year now, a big, long term project that's both enjoyable and also has an "ungh, why does this furniture not deliver + install itself?!" component.

Sadness about having to cut ties with old friends, because they turned out to be too egotistic for me to even engage with the subject/trying to improve the situation.

Isolation. Very much yearning for more in-person contact, which hopefully will be an option soon, getting my second shot tonight.

Always somewhere between bursts of energy + productivity and lying exhausted in a corner, annoyed with the lack of energy to get things done, both of the "really have to" and "really want to" kind. Thanks, ADHD!